Saturday, February 24, 2018

Back to Oils

A very talented photographer friend of mine 
recently sent me an image she had taken 
of a mutual friend of ours.
I loved it so much, 
I used it as a reference for a demo I 
did the next day in oils. 
(I'm not confident enough with acrylics to teach them) 

Page's Hat
20 x 16 oil 

It felt good to be back working in oils 
(after a brief affair with acrylics.)

I'm learning that they both have their place. 
I've always been impressed by artists that do both 
stay tuned. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My studio

I gave a private lesson in my studio last week
and it motivated me to get things organized and functional. 
It felt good after weeks of "messing around".  

 Here are a few images I took just before 
she arrived. 

Of course, Cello is ever present.

 I'm grateful every day for this magical space.  
(Thank you family) 
It has been witness to my artistic endeavors
and much more, for over 20 years!

I tailor private and semi-private lessons based on 
student's experience and area of interests. 
3 hours starting at $175 tbd

for more information

Contact me if interested! 


I was out for dinner with the other night in Boston.
When leaving, I quickly took some blurry images
 of atmosphere in the dining room
with my iPhone. 

"Capitol Grill"
12 x 12 acrylic 

The next day I had left over paint on my palette,
and remembered that I had a homework assignment
using predominantly dark values. 
and painted this in about an hour. 

That's why I love assignments.
They push me to try new approaches 
 and some fun things can happen!  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

From Above

I've had the image for this for a long time 
and was never sure how to approach it. 
I took it from the third floor deck,
looking down on my garden 
at the beach. 

The perspective "from above"
 gives you a whole new look at things!  

“View From Above’
12 x 12 acrylic on 
Canson Canva Paper  

I'm enjoying working with acrylics on paper so much,  
I feel like I'm having an affaire with them. 
(Don't worry oils, I'll be back!) 

Click HERE to see previous post about 
painting "from above". 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Acrylics on paper!

I'm really enjoying using acrylics
on paper.
Who knew? 
I love how you can change your mind 
as you go with this medium. 
It's very liberating. 

(However it's difficult to know 
when it's finished.)

"Purple Dress" 
20 x 14

my reference:

my I pad sketch: 

(A terrific way to work out 
design ideas ahead of time.)  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I'm currently taking an on line 
"Abstracting the Figure" class with 
and it's forcing me to 
push myself beyond!  


White Sneakers 
18 x 11

Acrylic, on Canson oil paper,
using a cheap house painting brush. 
(All new to me) 

This was my "start"

More and more e-courses are becoming available.
and they're are all different formats and levels. 
I highly recommend you research
before  committing! 

Friday, February 2, 2018

You Never Know

Submitting work to a Juried Show 
is a crap shoot. 
You never know and
you have to be prepared to be rejected. 
But if you don't enter....
you never know. 

"The Way In"
20 x 16 oil 

I was fortunate to get this 
in to the Duxbury Winter Show this year. 
The opening is this Saturday Feb 3
6:30 - 8:30 

It's been a few years since
 I've had work selected for that show! 

I've discovered that by simply painting 
for the act of painting; 
not for a show, or a jury, 
to sell, or to please a gallery,
I have lots of fresh, honest work 
available when the opportunity comes along.  
And it's less stressful. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Courting the Uncontrollable

I'm really excited to have these two paintings 
included in the 
"Courting the Uncontrollable"
opening this Friday, February 2
6 - 8 pm 
at SOWA Bosotn
(Harrison Avenue Galleries) 
This exhibit showcases work by members of the
National Association of Woman Artists,
Massachusetts Chapter. 

"Ironing Hankies" 
20 x 16 oil 

"Fake News"
20 x 16 

"Courting the uncontrollable is a juried exhibition of 2D and 3D works 
that reflect the complexities and ambiguities in today's world. 
Through our art we express our past, 
we interpret our world, we comment on our condition, 
and we express our hopes and fears about the future. 
Juried by Marsha Nouritza Odabashian."


Kim Alemian

Joan Appel
Dale Sherman Blodget
Anita Cohen
Nancy Colella
Rosalie Cuticchia
Cheryl Dyment

Susan Gallagher

Linda Pearlman Karlsberg
Nella Lush
Mary Marley
Kat Masella
Maidy Morhous
Beverly Rippel

Jess Hurley Scott