Monday, November 26, 2012

Edouard Vuillard

 My pal Sally and I found some great art books 
at a Church Fair recently. 
I am thrilled with this paper back
published by the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1954
in conjunction with an exhibition that summer.  

It is a real treasure; 
a chronological look at the artist and his work, 
filled with great colored images.  

Lilacs, 1892

Self Portrait 1892 

These two are not his most famous paintings,
 but they represent his interest in pattern painting! 
(See my previous Pattern Painting post) 

Note: I'm having significant "painters block"right now.
Change of season. Full moon. 
Whatever it is, I am trying to accept it, so am spending time 
looking at art, reading about art, 
and complaining about it to my friends and family.
Sorry guys.  
This too shall pass. 


  1. Very cool to see these paintings. Thanks for sharing.

    I miss seeing your work. But I know it will pass and I look forward to that.

  2. Hey, take your time. Performance art for performance's sake? You're better than that.

  3. I really like Vuillard's work. Thanks for posting "Lilac" and his self portrait. Good to see.

    I just went through a terrible "painter's block" and I think I am on the other side. I remember my mother saying "this, too, shall pass." She reminded me about that so many times. Enjoy the break and I look forward to the time when you are back at the easel. :-)

  4. Thanks for showing Vuillard. Use your down time to organize your studio and gesso stuff. That's what I do.

  5. I love Vuillard and thanks for showing your great find. I can relate, always have this block after Open Studios and then the holidays, Planning new stuff for my classes.

  6. OMG...Painters block!!!! I am frozen myself...Loved all the bloggers advice...I will take it as well...I can't believe the work of Vuillard's...looks like yours!!!

  7. thanks for the great reference....I keep painting through the "block" but my work is not my best and it is a bit frustrating...been struggling with it lately...sure to have a breakthrough soon

  8. Looks like your pattern paintings, actually.
    I am refocusing instead of thinking of myself as a painting machine. I don't want to compete or please.
    Right now, I just want to chill.

  9. Thanks for posting about Vuillard, he is one of my favorite artists. I am having the same problem with painting block right now. It's the busy season for everything. I usually get back on track in Jan.

  10. I found that image of Lilacs in an old art magazine and immediately clipped it and placed it on my inspiration board. Completely in love with Vuillard. Going to Chatham today, will stop by Munson Gallery to see your latest!