Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Back to Basics" class

Recently, I was feeling like I needed to take a  
"Back to Basics" painting class.
A "refresher" course of sorts.   
So when the SSAC proposals for winter classes were due, 
I decided to teach one instead. 
That way, I would be sure to re-learn everything!
The brochure came out this week:  

"Back to Basics"
 for Stronger Oil Paintings
Nancy Colella
 Do you lack confidence in your drawing skills? 
Are you confused about “shadow core” or “reflected light”? 
Do you struggle with the difference between color and value? 
This six-week course will put you back on track. 
We will practice simple techniques for better drawing. 
We will explore light and shadow on a form 
and do exercises to help us see value in color. 
Classes will include demos, exercises, discussions and critique. 
This class is suitable for beginners, 
as well as experienced painters who need a “review” of the basics. 
Tuesday am 9:30–12:30 
$175M $215NM 6 classes 
South Shore Art Center 

Practice Drawing
(Measuring with a brush) 

this summer and finally got to play with it today. 
What a valuable learning / teaching tool!  

Taking a class is a great way to warm up the winter blues! 
And they make great gifts. 
To yourself!   

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  1. I love this, may get it for my classes. Great seeing you at Open Studios.