Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Palette Paper

I've been experimenting with adding more colors to my palette lately. 
I use an "Easle Pal", a wooden box with flaps that fold out on either side, for a palette.
The paint piles had built up so much, I had no where to add new ones!
(and the mixing space was getting smaller and smaller) 
My old set up 
I used some heavy paint remover and managed to get all that old paint off, 

My new set up! 
What a difference! 
It's so much cleaner, more manageable and fun to work with! 
The neutral grey makes for more accurate color mixing, 
and when I'm done, I can just transfer left over paint to the next sheet! 
Call me crazy, but that just made my day! 



  1. I love that grey palette too! Nice set-up. :)

  2. That looks like a great product! I can tell what the other colors are, but what is that red that is "face down" to the left of the blue (ultramarine) in the bottom photo? I love Utrecht paints and use most of these colors too. Isn't it great to get things nice and cleaned up?!

  3. I think it's permanent rose. I was working on a "valentine" painting that was wiped out. Way too much pink. Not my favorite color.

  4. I also LOVE the grey palette paper . . . it provides a nice neutral background. I see you're a big fan of Utrecht paints -- love them also!

  5. I've been using that Grey Matters and like it very much. Also, the chore of cleaning the palette is...well a CHORE!
    I also use waxed paper over it sometimes when I'm working on something and I want to refer back to mixtures on my palette.