Monday, January 27, 2014

Value Viewer Tool

One of the best new techno tools available is the 
Value Viewer app.  
I previously posted about it here. 
You can view your photos in grey scale, notan and levels, 
and can adjust each one to get value pattern that you want.  


Here is how one student used it for the 
Vibrant Color exercise we did last week! 
The opportunities with this are 

Value Viewer didn't work well with the 
I phone upgrade for a while, 
but they have fixed it. 
If you have an older version, 
you should download the newer one.   


  1. cool! is that a huge ipad on your easel? or a flat screen attached to a laptop? i have been trying to figure out a way to paint from my computer screen rather than washed out inkjet prints. my ipad is annoying because it "crops off" part the photo image (about 1 " all the way around the photo" so that does not work at all. any advice? love the mouse prints :-)

  2. I'm having trouble getting to a new screen for a new image in Value Viewer. Once I locked a picture in I was done. It won't let do another one. And I love this app! Any suggestions? It didn't show that I needed to upgrade.... Thanks!