Monday, June 29, 2015

Painting From Photos

"The Perfect Sunday "
8 x 8 

In my "Expressive Painting from Photos" class,  
we talk a lot about how to manipuate photos
to use for reference.
Below is the image I used 
printed on copy paper
(after cropping and adjusting on the computer).
Then I used a marker to separate the big shapes.

By doing the design work ahead of time, 
it makes doing the actual painting so much more fun!  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Rainy Sunday

Had some fun with this subject
on a dreary, rainy Sunday. 

By The Sea 
12 x 24 

Friday, June 26, 2015

South Shore Meets North Shore for Day of Painting

Last week 35 plein air painters from the South Shore of Boston 
took a bus up to Gloucester Harbor to meet and paint with 
35 painters from the North Shore. 
welcomed us with open arms and the day was just perfect. 
It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to 
re-kindle old friendships and make new ones! 

Here are just a few samples of the amazing work done
(in between downpours!)  

Marsk Shasha from the NSAA did this about 
1/2 an hour in the parking lot.

Quick sketch by Jody Regan of our school bus 
next to the NSAA. 

Me, with the coordinator on the 
North Shore,
artist and gallery owner

(North Shore had blue name tags,
South Shore had red.) 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

First Day of Summer

I can't wait to see what I paint this summer.
Plenty of subject matter!

Last week, I found this toned 20 x 16 canvas 
and thought I'd try a simple subject in a larger format.

Cat Nap 
20 x 16 

I couldn't stop myself from blending the folds in the skirt.
And the feet. 
I feel like everything else works except that. 
Not sure how to fix it now! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

North Shore Greets South Shore

Next Tuesday 35 painters from the South Shore of Boston, 
will be taking a school bus up to Gloucester on the North Shore 
for a day of plein air painting with 35 artist from up there. 

Since both coasts have such strong artist communities, 
we thought it would be fun to meet and share ideas with each other.  
The North Shore Art Association is hosting this 
and we will be reciprocating in the fall or early next year. 

In order to get ready for it, 
I painted this quick study from an image I took 
while scoping things out up there last month. 

Gloucester Harbor as seen from the 
North Shore Art Association. 
9 x 12 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Cove Gallery in Wellfleet, MA

"Sunday Funday"
36 x 40 

Hazy, Hot, and, Humid
12 x 12 

Just Looking 
10 x 12 

I just delivered these paintings,
and  a few others 
to the Cove Gallery in Wellfleet, MA. 
(It will take a few days before they update the website)

If you are in the area this summer, 
stop in and take a peak! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Painting Boats

A group of us are going up to Gloucester Harbor 
at the end of the month to paint 
so I thought I'd experiment a little with boats today. 

Ready To Go 
14 x 14  

Boats are a difficult subject to paint,
because you have to get the shapes absolutely correct. 
This was my initial "lay in".

Unfortunately, in my zest for experimentation, 
I went back in to to "fix" this and worked it to death.
It's a wiper. 
I hate when that happens. 

Every painting experience is worth it.  

My fabulous friend and artist, Page Railsback 
paints boats better than anyone!
Check out her work here

Monday, June 8, 2015

Beach Break

Summer is here and the pressure is off 
(all paintings delivered to the galleries)
so it's time for experimenting!  

Today I took this fairly complicated subject 
and broke it down to simple shapes of color 
in the right value. 

A fun way to paint. 

"Beach Break"
9 x 12 
Sands End

Sands End, our little cafe at the public beach
is the perfect place for young teens to gather. 
And share one bottle of water. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Color

There are still many funky original cottages on our beach,
and this is one of my favorites.  

I've painted it many times, 
and today I wanted to play around with color,
channelling my mentor and friend, Charles Sovek. 
I did my "map" for this in turquoise. 

"Summer Bliss"
9 x12 

 I'm teaching a six week "Back to Basics"
class at North River Arts Society this summer 
so I've been referencing his book 

A real gem, just like him! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Garden Club

Last week our Garden Club got a tour of 
Holly Hill Farm in Duxbury. 
This guy was so so happy to show off for us! 

In Charge 
8 x 8 

How Do I Look? 
8 x 8 

I painted them side by side, 
so they could go together. 
Roosters and chickens have such great body language. 
I could watch them for hours. 

Note: We also just returned from a two day 
trip to visit farms and gardens in New Hampshire. 
There was inspiration everywhere!