Monday, February 4, 2013

One Year Anniversay

A year ago this week, sweet Cello joined our family. 
Admittedly, we had forgotten how much work puppies can be,
but she has made it all worth it. 
Today, she's a mellow, sweet (slightly mischievous) teen ager
who fills us with incredible joy.   

In honor of her anniversary,
I did a few small paintings of her. 

"On Guard"
6 x 8 

"Waiting for Dad"
5 x 7  

I did those last week and then saw
Carol Marine's awesome head study of a pup today,
and had to try one. 
Head Study
6 x 6  

Well. I am no Carol Marine.
(her brush strokes and color sense are incredible)     
but I had fun with this. 
I tried to just focus on the shapes, 
but her personality kept getting in the way!
Feb 6, 2012

Labrador Retrievers were voted the most popular 
breed in America for the 20th year in a row! 
We second that!  


  1. Nice job, Nancy. I'm going to try the same thing with my setter.

  2. Love these paintings! I especially like "Waiting for Dad." Well done!

  3. Me too...I really like the posture and title of "Waiting for Dad"...we lost our lab mix this time last year...she was 20 years old! It was a mutually beneficial relationship and we miss her tons.

  4. These are simple wonderful. The use of subtle colors and brush strokes..... superior work. What joy Cello brings to you

  5. Your compositions are really compelling,the portrait can hang next to the best of them! :)

  6. You always get that great sense of bright light. The colors in the portrait are beautiful.