Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Nestled Inn"

We are pretty much back to normal now, 
so I was happy to spend a few hours 
"on the Cape" yesterday.  

"Nestled Inn" 
11 x 14 

It's difficult to put a stroke down and leave it alone 
on these larger architectural pieces.   
Since having an accurate drawing is so important, 
I tend to fuss too much,
which takes the freshness out of them. 
The smaller ones "read" better I think.   

I almost like the sketch better than the painting!   


  1. I like the sketch too. But ink & watercolor is probably my favorite, and the reason I started painting in the first place.

  2. So were you REALLY on the Cape, or just feeling on the Cape because you were painting cottages? I, as always, am a huge fan of your architect ural paintings! Was the sketch sone on your iPad or with watercolor?

  3. An apple or an orange? Hard to pick. Oh, okay. I like the sketch.

  4. I love the sketch!! So immediate, as you point out.