Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Color Mixing Exercise

After missing two weeks of class
(due to blizzard, then school vacation)
 we got right to work today.
I pre-prepared one of these for each student 
by mixing up a dulled down, low intensity color 
of each of the primaries. 
They were to use only cad yellow, alizarine, ultramarine blue
and white and try to "match" the colors,
while testing below the sample given.  

There was lot of decision making and trial and error
and the value of using a color isolator became very clear!   
They were then given two setups,
 that mixed muted "dulled down" objects (terra cotta vase) 
with "vivid intense" objects (lemons),
both using neutral backgrounds

As always, I was amazed at how well 
they translated the exercise in to the practice. 
There was an energetic dialogue throughout, 
about color combinations and color relationships.
Just what I was after!  

We have a wonderfully dynamic group here and 
I am learning so much from each one of them! 

So happy to be back at it!

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