Saturday, February 27, 2016

Slow Thaw

I try to spend time outdoors each day, 
really looking at nature.
This winter we are seeing some gorgeous 
rich subtle colors in the winter landscape. 

February Thaw 
10 x 8 

I'm taking a three day Color Rules workshop
at Mass Art this weekend with 
I get inspired just being in that 
energized and creative environment. 

Opened January 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Studio Lighting

I received a few inquiries about my
new "lighting system"
so I thought I'd share.
I'm currently using an easel lamp from the Daylight Company.

The clamp lock system and flexible arm allow me
to position it where I need it. 

I also have a 
Smith Victor  photographers lamp 
(Adapta Light Raven RS 6)
on a stand. 

It's great to use for models, still life set ups, 
or to just light the painting you are working on.

I also have various inexpensive clip on lights
that drive me crazy.

 As far as bulbs,
I like using Chromalux full spectrum bulbs 
The light is as close to natural sunlight as you can get,
however they aren't very green.
Still researching the newer non-incandescent bulbs,
and if anyone has any suggestions
 please let me know!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Landscape Studies

The mild and manageable winter we're having
has compelled me to explore wintery landscapes.
 Today, I did two studies of late afternoon light on the
iced over pond at the end of our street.
Shady Side 
8 x8 

Sunny Side 
8 x 8 

I recently went to a Gamblin product presentation 
and discovered Galkyd Light,
 a safer medium than my standby recipe; 
(2 parts turp, 2 parts damar varnish, 1 part stand oil) 

I used it today for these
and really like how it works with the paint! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

A New Easel

I recently realized that I was thwarted 
every time I attempted to set up a new painting.
No matter what size I attempted, 
my easel was a jury-rigged mess.
So I ordered a new larger St.Remy easel.

Putting it together made an IKEA 
assembly look like play school!
(It took me two very frustrating sessions)   

It's larger and sturdier than my old one
  and I can now paint larger canvases,
 or two at a time, 
 without clipping or taping to secure them!   
 I've set up a new lighting plan,
sorted my supplies,  
and am ready to go! 

Amazing how a new piece of equipment 
can make such a difference! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Painting as an Experience

"A painting is not a picture of an experience;
it is an experience."
Mark Rothko 

"Getting Settled"
10 x 20 

That's what makes painting such an adventure! 
For the painter and the viewer.
Many times the "doing" of the work 
is more fulfilling and valuable than the end result,
and that's OK!   

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

Something to warm you up on this frigid 
Valentines Day! 

Red Umbrellas 
20 x 20 
oil on canvas 

Lately, I'm stepping further away from representation
and thinking more about shapes and relationships.
Discoveries galore.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Approach; Large Sale

I tried a few new approaches for this larger sized painting.  
Drawing the large geometrical shapes in charcoal
and using synthetic flat brushes to fill in the colors,
gave me the graphic look I was after.  

Summer Shapes
24 x 36 
oil on stretched canvas 

Charcoal sketch 

Slowing down and planning ahead
also helps.  

I've discovered an easy way to keep my 
bristles straight and flat.
I "form" them with a little lotion 
and leave it on until the next use. 
It comes off easily with some turp and a paper towel. 

(The lotion samples you get at a hotel work great!) 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thank You

To the followers who made suggestions last week
as to how I could make this landscape a better painting! 
(see previous post here)  
"View From Widows Walk"
16 x 20 oil  

I simplified and cleaned up the blended edges in the sky
and removed the "can opener" tree on the right.

Now it feels better.
Thanks guys!

I will be teaching a new and exciting workshop at the
Falmouth Artists Guild 
Tuesday and Wednesday
May 24, 25.
9:30 - 3:30
Come join us!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Angel Eyedealism

Late January, I went to Puerto Rico 
on a business trip with my husband. 
At the resort, there were many stranded passengers 
from a cruise ship that couldn't get home due to the storms.  

"Angel Eyedealism -  Astrologer"
10 x 8  oil 

I had the delightful opportunity to meet and chat 
with this extraordinary woman 
in the ladies room one night. 
Her name is Angel Eyedealism,
a world famous astrologer from New York.
I asked her if I could take her picture, 
and she was more than willing to pose! 

From her website:
Internationally renowned astrologer Angel Eyedealism, is based in the East Village, Manhattan. She is also a stratospheric coloratura and performance artist and brings a theatrical bent to her the practical, down-to-earth advice.

Eccentric in appearance, yet solid in character, she gives compassionate, albeit hilarious readings. Her 20 years of experience are apparent in the thorough, and specific information she provides clients. 

Life is so full of surprises, 
thank God for I phones!   

Monday, February 1, 2016

R.I.P. Ken Auster

The art world recently lost 
a truly great artist and instructor 

I took a workshop with him at the 
South Shore Art Center in 2009  
that changed my whole approach to painting. 

Use more paint! 
Put a stoke down and leave it alone!
(Among many other "Ken-isms") 
He was a riveting and generous instructor.   

Two Chefs 
11 x 14 oil 
(demo purchased at the workshop,
 hanging in my kitchen)  

There are many tributes and descriptions 
of him and his work on his Facebook page.
I highly reccomend discovering
 his many talents and contributions to the art world. 
He will be sorely missed by many.