Saturday, January 28, 2012

Risky Composition

I took a risk with this one, 
by putting almost the entire subject
into one quarter of the composition. 

"Facing the Sun"
20 x 20 

But, I wanted to portray 
that feeling of "vastness" you get at the beach,
so I made the sky the biggest shape 
(and broke it up with the wires
to make it more interesting) 

I'd love to hear if you think it worked or not!  

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  1. Worked out great! Love the expansiveness of it. Wonderful!

  2. Where would we be if we didn't take risks? Sometimes it can change our direction, and be very rewarding.

  3. Good Girl..The risk so worked..a lesson for us all..It is beautiful and really shows the feel of the beach

  4. Your risk really worked!! Love this!

  5. Marvelous! The wires do more than add "interest" to the sky--they anchor the buildings to right side of the canvas, thus overcoming the "risk" of an unbalanced image. Again: terrific! --W

  6. Wow, love this! Good for you for following your instinct and taking a chance. This totally works!!