Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to Work Warm Up

I am so excited to be back at work! 
I got some great reference material this weekend 
 for a series of beach paintings I'm planning.  
To get warmed up I did this quick study.
Welcome 2012! 
10 x 10 

Then I realized I had done this exact scene,
 facing the opposite direction
a few weeks ago!  

Where the Road Turns 
10 x 10 

I think the poles and wires are great 
composition elements. 


  1. Beautiful, Nancy! I've not been blogging too much lately, but just spent a little time going through some of your recent posts, as always your work is lovely. I especially enjoyed your post, The Best Gift; wow!

  2. Nancy, I love what you've been painting lately. Can't wait to see more beach scenes. Would love to hear how you paint those power lines.

  3. I love the light and contrast in these pieces Nancy. Glad I found your blog and can't wait to explore.