Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day of Epiphany

I was always told that all holiday decorations 
should come down by January 6, the day of Epiphany.
The only thing I will miss are the candles in the windows. 
They give the house such a warm glow and I love the light. 
To ward off that feeling of sudden darkness,
I did this painting today.  

"Winter Afternoon" 
8 x 16 

This was all about the late afternoon winter light.
 And that brilliant marsh grass.
Looks like "light" is alive and well. 
Even after January 6th. 


  1. Beautiful light and design. Stunning.

  2. Lovely little painting. I really like the value range.
    I always complain bitterly about the trouble of putting up Christmas decos and then miss them so when they're gone. The house suddenly feels so empty.

  3. Love the reflected glow on the marsh-side windows.
    I also used to get bummed taking the lights down. Now we leave them up until Mardi Gras, my other favorite co-opted religious holiday. They do so much to get you through the dark days.

  4. I know this view. nice.
    I unplugged all the window lights this morning thinking I HAD to, but this evening on my way home I decided that they are staying up until the end of the week when we leave.
    For one thing, people put them up so early now that when Christmas is over they pull 'em down really quickly. Seems like eve more so this year.
    As you say, the beautiful glow of light is so soothing and when I take them down it's depressing.

  5. Gorgeous painting N...Sounds like you are still having warm weather...Full moon night here in Big Sir..

  6. I hate 'shoulds', and prefer to put my decorations up when the Spirit moves me, and take them down by the same directive! My Mom was a 'New Year's Day' taker-downer, my Dad a 'little Christmas' guy. I have been known to leave things up longer... because I like them!

    Nice piece, Nancy, I know right where that is!