Saturday, January 14, 2012

Prepping for Classes

Yesterday I starting preparing for the 6 week painting class
I will be teaching at the South Shore Art Center next month.
I'm working on some new exercises to try out and thought I would try Carol Marine's 

I set up real simple still life. 
Then did a value study in burnt umber.
 Then painted "made up" colors, but kept them in the same value.
This is a great lesson! 
It reinforces my favorite quote: 
"Value does all the work, 
Color gets all the credit." 

Someone wrote to me and suggested that that applies to "life" as well. 
Well, yes. It does. 


  1. Sounds fun, I should try it. Good luck with your class.

  2. A simple and knockout way to show how important Value is. A great lesson for your students Nancy.

  3. you always share so much! this rocks.