Tuesday, January 22, 2019


I''e been thinking about kitchens as a subject lately,
(Probably because I spend so much time in them this time of year.)
I've had an image of my friend's kitchen 
in my files for some time
and finally got a chance to play with it.  

Donna's Kitchen 
12 x 12 oil 

Once again, I did a quick study of the subject,
directly from the photo as a warm up.

Study for Donna's kitchen
8 x 8 oil

I'm doing this to show as examples for my workshop
"Breaking the Literal Habit" in April;
Expressive ways to interpret subject,
 without merely copying images.

I'm finally almost ready too launch new website and blog.
Please email (if you haven't already) so I can add you to the subscription.
Will keep you posted!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Girl Power

I loved watching two flower girls
dancing at a wedding recently; 
totally uninhibited and free.

Girl Power 
20 x 16  oil 

This was done quickly 
without using a specific reference;
mostly from memory.

However, first I did this "quick" study
done from a specific photo.

12 x 9 oil on board

After I over fussed the arms, legs and faces
 I got so frustrated, I did the first one. 

I'm teaching a workshop on 
"breaking the literal habit" in April,
 so I'm working on potential exercises 
we can do. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Second Guessing

Sometimes you work on a subject so long, 
you loose your focus on the initial intention, 
and you start second guessing your every move. 

Here's a perfect example;

RAA Kitchen
20 x 16 oil 

Here's the image that inspired me,
(I flipped it) 
I was initially attracted to the purple/ yellow palette 
and the linear shapes of dark and light. 

This is the intitial block in,
that I thought had great potential! 
Fresh brush strokes, high contrast....

Then I took out the clock, warmed it up,
 and softened the dark garbage bags 
making it feel awkward at this point. 

So on the I Pad, 
I re-added the clock and removed the trash cans,
which then created too many "blocks" to get to the stove.

So I kept them in, adjusted 
the values of the walls and the door, 
and removed the indent above the stove. 

At this point, it just feels too overworked and stiff.
I'll put it aside, let it dry 
and most likely paint over it.

Lessons learned;
Try to stay focussed on your initial intention. 
Don't listen to the "judge" in the room. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Works in Progress

Yesterday I did this small study from an image
 I took at the beach recently. 

It felt so tight and too close to the image 
so I turned it upside down and used it as a reference 
for this 20 x 20 over an old painting. 

Beginning stage 
24 x 24 

When I turned it right side up,
I wiped away areas 
and re-drew some of the shapes. 
Now, I like where this is going! 

I'll force myself to let this dry for a few days
 and then figure out where to take it. 
The tough part will be working on it,
without loosing the spontaneity or freshness 
it has right now. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

New Year Studio Clean Out

Over the weekend, I did my annual 
New Year Studio Clean Out.
I threw away all stiff brushes, dried up paint,
pens that don't write.....you name it.

It's fun to finally have everything where I can find it.

When I started, I had a list of supplies to order on line. 
After I finished cleaning out closets, cupboards and drawers;
 I realized
 I didn't need a thing! 

Next Up:;
Totaling the year's income and expenses.
Launching the new website/blog.

I'm working on a group of paintings at the same time.
None are ready for posting.
Stay tuned.