Sunday, May 31, 2015

Post Workshop thoughts

My friend and fellow artist Patti Mollica recently posted this
after teaching a five day workshop.

"One of the best things about teaching workshops is the mutual sharing. 
I share what I know and in return my students share 
their interpretations of what I am teaching.  
I am often most inspired by the so-called "beginners" who interpret 
the assignments and exercises in such fresh and unexpected ways."

I couldn't agree more!

Having just completed my two day 
Expressive Painting workshop with twelve painters, 
all levels and ready to try new things,  
I want to share just a few of the
results from the quick exercises.

This was our "beginner" Art's first painting!
I'd say he's off to a good start! 

Once again, 
I'm humbled and inspired.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Workshop Prep

I haven't painted in so long,
it was a thrill to be in the studio today
prepping for the workshop this week. 

After reviewing all the exercises 
I'm planning on doing,
I thought I'd better practice! 

"I Got It!"
7  x 5 "

Big strokes, no blending.

It takes planning and focus.

"Expressive paintings celebrate and show off the materials made to create it:
 paint and a brush."

Monday, May 18, 2015

This and That

There are just a few spots left in the 
two day workshop I'm teaching next week at the 
May 28 - 29 

11 x 14 

This fast paced, intense workshop 
will get you inspired, I promise! 

I've been too busy enjoying all that spring brings
so I haven't been in the studio much.


Yard Sale-ing! 


(New recipe - PB&J Blondies)

What a difference a few weeks make! 

March 2015 

May 2015

Happy Spring Everyone! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Florida Fun

We happened to be in Florida  for a long weekend recently
when the season's first blast of 90 degree humidity arrived.
To us, it made everything feel so tropical!

I'm finally getting around to the images I took
and had fun pushing the colors on this one.

"Florida Fun"
12 x 24 

We went to a restaurant at a marina with a friend  
and his Yorkie, Teddy. 
This is what was on the menu for him! 

How fun is that?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Festival Time!

May is such a busy month for 
Art Festivals,  Juried Shows, and Gallery drop offs!  
I've been finishing, signing and framing all the paintings I did this winter 
and it feels great! 

Meanwhile, every year the North River Arts Society
supplies artist members with an item to paint 
for a silent auction during the festival. 

This year's feature items are 
galvanized trays with rope handles! 
Here is my entry. 

Hand Painted Serving Tray 
10 x 17 

My inspiration came from this painting I did this winter.  
It's going down to the Solace Gallery on 
Long Beach Island NJ!  

Celebrating Summer 
16 x 20 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Brush Work and Edges

I recently purchased this delightful 8 x 10 on line 
from David Shevlino to share as a reference when teaching.  
He is a master at brush work and edges, 
and that topic comes up frequently in my workshops.  

"Cow Study"
8x 10 oil
by David Shevlino. 

We all struggle with "Paint handling" and
I think its because it the most personal
and truly expressive facet of painting.

And it takes confidence and skill!

I've been experimenting with synthetic brushes this week 
(as opposed to natural bristle) 
and it's daunting. 

Every tiny shift and decison shows! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 2 - Expressive Painting from Photos

I am blessed to be able to do, what I do. 
Spending two full days with a group of talented painters
is so much fun and incredibly inspiring! 
The last exercise we did was one of my favorites,
Painting Upside Down. 

20 minute 
Right Side Up of the Upside Down Demo 
8 x 10  

Turning things upside down is the best way to 
 force yourself to see differently.
You have to focus on just the big shapes,
and when you turn them right side up....
the results can be very dramatic, expressive and surprising!  

Thank you to everyone for making this workshop
one of the best ones yet!  

Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 1 - Expressive Painting from Photos Workshop

Two Day Workshops are my favorite teaching format.
They tend to really shake things up 
and re-charge the batteries.
For all of us.  

Two full days of intense concentration on painting 
without interruption is a gift for all of us. 

This time we have eleven brave souls 
willing to try anything! 

Student Work 

This, was the second one for this gal
done just as class was ending.
I almost fell over. 

  More fun tomorrow.  


Another magic moment! 

This gal, "new to oils" 
 didn't put this up for the critique
"because it wasn't finished"! 

She doesn't even know!