Wednesday, August 29, 2018

End Of Summer

This is a bittersweet time;
sad to see the summer go but very excited for 
all the fall activity to start! 

In two weeks I'll be teaching weekend "Intuitive Painting"
workshop at the
Rockport Art Association
(Sept 15, 16)

"Cross Roads" 10 x 8 oil

"This workshop is geared for experienced painters who are interested in shaking things up. 
We will learn how to create more intuitive and expressive paintings 
by balancing what we see with some invention.
Less literal, more bold!
Through a series of fun quick exercises, we’ll explore ways to design more dynamic and contemporary paintings by focusing on the big shapes and their relationship to each other. 
We will discover ways to use the abstract elements of color, shape, space, and line to express an idea.  We’ll work from simple still life set-ups and photographs.
 All paint mediums are welcome. "

This will be great fun
 and a terrific way to kick off the fall season! 

"Nico's View"
8 x 8 mixed media

This week we are wrapping up the Abstract session 
 of our year long on-line class with Mark Daniel Nelson
and will begin the section titled;
"Finding Your Voice".

Looking forward to that, as I have found that
"thinking abstractly" doesn't exactly come naturally to me.

I was recently interviewed for an article in the
  Boston Voyage Magazine
You can read it HERE!

Have a safe and fun long weekend
and I'll see you in September! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Working in my mini summer "studio" 
I have limited materials
 and it's kind of fun! 

 3 x 3 acrylics on canson canva paper
with some ball point pen. 

Trust me, I've got no complaints!

Working small and in multiples and experiementing with 
pens, markers, crayola stix, oil sticks, scrapers, 
mediums etc. 
Limitations can cause revelations!

Here is another set.
Limiting my colors, my values,
 and my # of shapes. 

Taking baby steps into the "abstract" world;
opening up all kinds of doors! 

I can't wait to see how this informs my 
more represenational work. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

More Fun with Mark Making

Six 5 x 7 oil abstracts done from ideas in my 
"abstract shapes" file. 


Roof Top Pool 

Goodbye Arlington 


Pick Your Color 

Magic Hour 

I had fun with the titles. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Old Boy Friend

Last week my niece sent me a fun image of one of her other Aunts
and told me she was curious to see how I would paint it.
I was compelled to paint something
"representational" after all this abstract thinking. 

"Aunt Lara" 
9 x 9 oil 

The image:

This was actually quite fun. 
It was nice to know I can still paint 
like that when I want to. 

Mark Daniel Nelson calls that 
"going back to your old boyfriend". 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Abstract Approaches

This smmer I am having some fun 
playing with abstract approaches. 

For this one, I didn't have a plan or think 
about "saying" anything. 

"Dressed for Dancing"
12 x 9
Acrylic on Canson Canva Paper 

These are gouache and various 
markers from my "fun box"
on mixed media board.  

This is all rather weird to me 
and yet I'm inspired and excited to see where it takes me. 
I'm sure all this "letting go" is going to inform my 
representational work down the road.