Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Up sizing" tips (and a critique!)

There is a lot of buzz about painting bigger in the blogger world right now.
I've had inquires about tips I've learned 
during my recent "upsizing".
The #1 one tool that has helped me the most is using a grid. 
I did this 24 x 30 in 2008 
"Weekly Rental" 
24 x 30 
I remember painting it free hand from an 8 x 10 photo. 
Back then, I thought the awkward angles 
and incorrect perspective gave it "character." 
I wouldn't even attempt this now, without using a grid! 
(once you get the drawing right, you can just have fun with the paint!)    

#2 is to change up your equipment! 
I cover a rolling kitchen cart with freezer paper to use for a pallet. 
That way I can squeeze out a ton of paint and 
use a big brush! 

But really, the best tip I've heard along the way about painting bigger has been:
"Try it!" 

News: This blog has just been given a critique by 
"Independent critiques of artwork and artist blogs
 to guide and inform the worldwide art-buying public 
and the commercial art gallery industry" 
(Click HERE to read)
You gotta love this guy! 
What a concept. 
And he's in Australia! 


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  2. You're so right about the grid, but I also think the awkward angles and incorrect perspective gave "Weekly Rental" character. As a recovering perfectionist, I'd like to think there's a lot to be said for imperfection. So I says to myself, self?... (art) history is full of (artists) people struggling to become what they're not... Picasso spent a lifetime trying to paint like a child... etc... etc...
    Artists talk to themselves.

  3. For sure! That's my struggle! If it's not "perfect", but it says what I want it to say, then, well, it's perfect! In my view anyway.

  4. Well said. I always have trouble painting smaller.

  5. Wow! on a few counts..Love the painting..love the tips..your Critique is fabulous and right on Nancy
    The grid...ugh..no way for me. I know it would cut out a lot of work in the end for me..but the process is so against the whole feeling of how I paint...sure works for you I see

  6. Congratulations on the critique -- I completely agree with the guy -- your beach paintings at SSAC just sing with light!

  7. Wicked awesome critique Nancy!!
    And thanks for the tips. I am a gridder but don't know how to size the photo proportionally to the photo. Any tips there?
    Beautiful painting.

  8. Great critique, Nancy. I subscribe to his blog and had read it there. I have the opposite size thing- I have always painted large until I took Carol Marine's workshop and I still find painting small a challenge.
    Great work!

  9. Yes the grid ROCKS Nancy! Gotta love the initial control of getting everything down right and then having a blast with the painting part. As you know I did one this week.Thanks for stopping by too.

  10. Somehow I missed all the type in RED. The opposite of what you'd think, no? But when I printed out the page with my review I saw.... YOU! And it is a spot-on review for you and your wonderful work and blog! Congratulations!