Monday, November 7, 2011

"Post Tweak"

"A Cape"
24 x 30 

Here is the painting I did on Saturday 
"post tweak."
I adjusted the value of the right side of the house, 
lightened some of the trees in the background.
Re-stated the door, and lightened the sky.
I feel much better about this now.  
Note:  This image was taken outside so the colors are much more true.  
(The previous post image was taken using the light on my easel, 
making it look too pink)  


  1. so crisp! Like October.
    Love it!
    I see a series...

  2. Very fresh and love the light and shadow. Good for you to tackle such a tough composition and get it right.

  3. Photographing is the hardest part. You got it right!