Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Fireworks

Forsythia is out in full force right now, due to a freakish warm weather pattern. (it usually pops around April 19th -Marathon Monday) That brilliant splash of yellow against the otherwise pretty dull landscape this time of year always reminds me of fireworks against a dark sky. This bunch caught my eye this morning, so I pulled over.
My view from the road

I quickly established "darks" before any thing changed

Spring Fireworks 
10 x 10 
Sorry. I got so "into the moment", I forgot to photo what happened next. I mostly focussed on keeping everything around the forsythia very dulled down in order to make IT be the star of the show.   

Somehow this just doesn't' seem right to me. 


  1. cool!
    Do you leave the canvas white to keep the yellow pure?

  2. I love, love the 'spray' you did of the forsythia branches. I've been watching you paint forsythia for years.... this is the best ever!

  3. Lovely painting. Isn't spring just wonderful? Full of wonderful surprises. Your forsythia is beautiful!

  4. That's a slammin' block in and I do the same thing sometimes. Forget to photograph the rest of the steps. The forsythia is awesome.
    Next time pretend it's a barn and leave out the windows, they take attention from the rest of the very nicely composed painting and the center of interest which is the bush.