Thursday, April 1, 2010

Landscapes in the rain

While preparing for my 6th grader this week, I realized we haven't done anything with landscapes yet. (And I've been itching to get outside for some plein air painting if and when the rain stops!) I thought it would be fun to show her how to break down a scene into big shapes by using photos. I found three images in a Garden Design Magazine and off we went. Here is one of hers!

She really got it! It looks kind of like a John Marin watercolor! No? 

Here is the demo I did for her. 
I know it is infinitely better to paint from a photo that you actually took yourself, having been "at the  scene" to personally experience the sense of place. But I do think this exercise helps you break things down to just the big shapes and allows you to approach it more abstractly.  



  1. A good lesson! One that we all need to be reminded of periodically. She did a great job!

  2. I love the demo you did on the bottom right :D
    and the 3 value demo, too.