Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Sport of Painting Outside

Every time I go visit my painting friend Sally Dean, I drive by this awesome multi-level barn at the bottom of her street. The way it sits, all settled in the landscape tall and proud, with the late afternoon light and  shadows from tall pines on it, just grabs me. Today we had "laboratory conditions" for plein air painting (no wind, no bugs, no humidity, no clouds) so Sally and I arranged to set up down there around 4:00. Unfortunately, the clouds were winning by that time, so we were faced with "making up" the light, based on what we could observe for those few seconds whenever the sun broke through. That is what I love about the "sport" of painting outside.      

"This Barn Could be a Basketball Player"
9 x 12 


  1. My painting ended up like a bank machine at the end of a weekend- wiped out!
    Yours is great- I like the distortion actually- who says things always have to be exact?
    Nice light- I was there- you got it!

  2. I love it..the way you painted the light ..there or not..I so don't care what was really there..beautiful....looking forward to workshop next Monday

  3. Great painting and a 3 story barn! I admire you outside painters, I can't stand it.....

  4. You really caught the light! Love the colors and also the subject. I've never seen a three story barn. Well done!