Monday, April 26, 2010

Why I Don't Do Portraits

I belong to a group of 11 painters who challenge themselves every month by doing a 6 x 6 painting of a subject that one of us chooses. We post them at the beginning of every month on our blog . This month, we were to paint a portrait of one of us! I've attempted this three times. I found it difficult to capture the perky, sweet essence of our dear  Mary Sheehan Winn because the slightest movement of the brush, especially around the mouth and eyes, alters the whole thing! The first one made her look like an escaped convict, the second, a pinched up school teacher. (Both of which she is not, trust me.) After a lot of noodling, which I try so hard NOT to do, this is my final attempt.
Sorry, MSW! 
At least I got the haircut right! 


  1. Yes, the hair is right! Difficult subject for your challenge.

  2. LOL
    MSW will love this! I think that it has great expression- AND its loose .