Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sharing What We know

 A friend of mine, a brilliant business woman with no formal art training, had asked me to show her how to paint in oils. (She has recently begun taking pastel painting classes.) So today she came down to the studio for a "drive by shooting" version of learning how to paint in oils. It was a challenge, to say the least, and we both worked very hard. After a few equipment failures and a wipe out, we settled down and covered a lot of material. (I imagine it was not unlike trying to teach someone how to speak French in an afternoon.) I focused mainly on the three value concept, as I think most beginners have a hard time with that. She was a great student! Eager to learn, intuitive, and very very brave! These were giant steps for her toward a creative journey and I feel good that I may have had a role in that. Sharing what we know is such a good thing. Everyone wins.  

My "three value"  demo 

Her happy self leaving with her first oil painting!   



  1. Thanks for a peek into your classes and your student work. Looks as if all were happy and successful.