Friday, May 27, 2011

Workshop Wrap up

What a week! 
As workshops go, this one was a "10".
Being in NYC for a week of painting 
with such a terrific group of  talented artists was thrilling. 
Karin is the most unassuming and generous instructor I've ever met.
Not to mention, FUN as hell! 
Watching her paint is amazing. 
One afternoon, she did this "mug shot" demo 

Then gave each of us our own image to paint and a 4 x 4 panel to paint it on. 

Here's my thug. 

And here are a few more quick studies I did.
Orange Umbrellas 
8 x 8 

Outside the Guggenheim
5 x 10 

I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.
I'm coming home with a wealth of new ideas, 
a new appreciation for different approaches to painting, 
and of course, lots of new friends!   

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYC workshop - Day Three!

I didn't post yesterday because it was an action packed day. 
There are SO many exciting things happening, I couldn't begin to post it all!  
One of yesterday's attempts
6 x6 

Today's journey into "Karin's world". 
I could never have done this without her amazing palette!
I am beginning to "get" why and how she does what she does. 
It's an incredibly fun way to paint!

Just some of the very cool gals I'm getting to know! 
(Lunch break yesterday, just outside the school)

Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day of workshop

Karin generously emailed us the image she was going to use for the first demo ahead of time. 
(We are all going to paint from that image as our first painting tomorrow) )   

This morning, Karin shared lots of images of paintings she has done from photos 
and we talked a lot about how to manipulate them on the computer. 
Then she did her demo.

Needless to say, it was amazing.  
We were then encouraged to get out and photograph NYC! 
A little daunted by the rain and lack of sunlight, but with camera ready,
I walked from 89th and 5th to 38th and Park!  
(That's 52 blocks!)  
I got some fun images to work with. 
Upper East Side private school kids getting picked up by Mom's and Nanny's,
Central Park dog walkers, bench sitters
 and Grand Central Station 
(great light coming in from those windows!) 
Stay tuned. 
This is a great adventure! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Packing for "Art Camp"

When ever I pack for a painting workshop, I feel like I'm going off to Camp.
As a Girl Scout, I was always taught that 
having the right "gear" is essential. 
It can have a huge impact on the whole experience. 
Karin is so clear about what to bring,
there should be no time wasted on equipment issues! 
I love that, AND
I am able to bring everything I need ...

In this bag!
(Nothing compared to packing for a week of plein air 

I'm taking the train down, so this works for me! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Equipment shake-up

I played around with the gear I'm taking to NYC again today.
Using soft flat brushes on small gesso boards is really shaking things up.
I find it hard to put down a stroke and leave it! 
The slightest little brush stroke changes everything,
so I find myself fussing like a beginner! 

"She's Goin' In!"
5 x 7 

I can't wait to watch Karin Jurick paint!
I also bought sensible black shoes for the trip today.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Channelling Sunshine

With no sunshine in the forecast for the coming week,
I decided to look into my archived "beach people" images
for some warmth and inspiration. 

"Sun Catchers"
6 x 12 

I could hear the waves and smell the sunscreen while I was painting this.
I want to be where they are!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black vs. Middle Grey Toned Boards

Today I spray painted a bunch of gesso boards with 
flat back rustoleum protective enamel for the workshop.

I sprayed a few raymar panels as well, 
to experiment with. 

Brisk Beach Walk 
10 x 10 
I found it challenging to judge my values using a black tone, 
but love the affect you can get with it. 
This is going to be fun. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Work Shop Warm -Up

In preparation for Karin Jurick's workshop in NYC at the end of this month,
I experimented with some new materials today. 
This is going to be a big stretch for me, 
as I'll be using a totally different approach to painting. 
For starters:  
 -I use raymar linen covered boards toned in a middle grey 
She uses gessoboards, toned in black. 
-I use large hog hair flats with long handles.
She uses small soft, flat brushes with short handles. 
-I use a very limited palette.
She uses over 60 colors on a 16” pizza pan! 
-I stand up at an easel when I paint.
She sits and uses a table easel. 

So before I attempt to paint like that for a week, 
I thought I'd try out a few new things at time.

I added a few new colors and used small synthetic flats 

I used a gesso board, but I stuck with the medium grey tone

I found it hard not to get too fussy with those small brushes.
And the gesso board has no tooth so I was sliding all over the place! 
I can't wait! 
I feel so blessed to be able to experience this! 
Going to try a black tone and lots of new colors next! 
I figure, a workshop is only as good as what you allow yourself 
to do differently. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Dreaded Self Portrait

One of my Senior projects in college was to do a self-portrait. 
I agonized over mine for weeks. 
(Years later, when I showed it to my husband, 
he asked me why I'd done a painting of Bobby Orr.)

Since the DPW challenge last week was "All About Me" 
and our GJWP challenge this month is self-portraits, 
there was no avoiding this. 

Yup, That's Me. Well, Sort Of. 
6 x 6 

Do you think Bobby Orr wears glasses now?  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Modern Interior

I'm still working on the series of modern interiors. 
Today I thought I'd try one that is almost all in shadow. 
MCM Interior #3 
8 x 8 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Painting From Photos (In an Hour)

 My workshop topic today was painting from photos. 
I asked them to bring photos that had a strong light and shadow pattern. 
Some tricks I use to determine what photos would make good paintings:
I print them, then color everything in shadow with a black marker. 
The pattern is immediately apparent. 
I download all the photos from one location and view them as a contact sheet.
The ones with the best light and shadow pattern just pop out!
I print them in black and white, bump up the contrast, 
and/or boost the color. 
Same thing. 
You can immediately tell if it's a good composition. 
I was so excited about the work these gals did. 
In an hour!  

My demo

Peggy's took on such a wonderful abstract quality

Judy, a beginner, was not afraid to use 
a lot of paint and big brushes. 

Barbara really simplified the shapes and kept the values. 

Suzanne never thought she could do this in a hour. 
With just a few adjustments, this will be finished!

Look at those light and shadow shapes!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

North River Scenes

This Friday evening, May 6, from 6 - 9 pm 
is hosting an invitational art show and sale called 
"North River Scenes". 
There will be paintings of the North River displayed on all three floors, 
light fare, cash bar, and live music. 
This is a fun and very popular event.
I am pleased to be submitting these paintings.   

Low Tide Inland 
6 x 6 

Low Tide at the Mouth 
6 x 6 

12 x 12 

All the proceeds from the evening benefit the James Library and participating artists.