Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Dreaded Self Portrait

One of my Senior projects in college was to do a self-portrait. 
I agonized over mine for weeks. 
(Years later, when I showed it to my husband, 
he asked me why I'd done a painting of Bobby Orr.)

Since the DPW challenge last week was "All About Me" 
and our GJWP challenge this month is self-portraits, 
there was no avoiding this. 

Yup, That's Me. Well, Sort Of. 
6 x 6 

Do you think Bobby Orr wears glasses now?  


  1. So nice to see a truly happy person this morning. You gotta love that face, hair, eyes, and the terrific red background. Nice job, Nancy!
    I'm sure Bobby Orr's glasses don't look as good as yours.

  2. What fun! You sparkle! You gotta post this as your FaceBook profile! I love it.

  3. Very funny post, Bobby.
    Looking at all the portraits on the DPW Challenge was great fun, too.