Friday, May 27, 2011

Workshop Wrap up

What a week! 
As workshops go, this one was a "10".
Being in NYC for a week of painting 
with such a terrific group of  talented artists was thrilling. 
Karin is the most unassuming and generous instructor I've ever met.
Not to mention, FUN as hell! 
Watching her paint is amazing. 
One afternoon, she did this "mug shot" demo 

Then gave each of us our own image to paint and a 4 x 4 panel to paint it on. 

Here's my thug. 

And here are a few more quick studies I did.
Orange Umbrellas 
8 x 8 

Outside the Guggenheim
5 x 10 

I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.
I'm coming home with a wealth of new ideas, 
a new appreciation for different approaches to painting, 
and of course, lots of new friends!   


  1. Wow! Your paintings and comments are wonderful and since I am going to a KJ workshop in November I am really getting excited!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ditto linda! has been wonderful seeing your paintings and again, living vicariously thru you this past week

  3. Great workshop notes and paintings, thanks for sharing.

  4. Discovered you through Tonya's blog. I was in the first Karin Jurick NYC workshop. What a wonderful place for a workshop it is!
    Really like your light filled canvases, and it was fun to vicariously relive my Jurick week in NYC through your posts.

  5. Nice to meet you Nancy and look forward to "following" you.