Friday, May 20, 2011

Packing for "Art Camp"

When ever I pack for a painting workshop, I feel like I'm going off to Camp.
As a Girl Scout, I was always taught that 
having the right "gear" is essential. 
It can have a huge impact on the whole experience. 
Karin is so clear about what to bring,
there should be no time wasted on equipment issues! 
I love that, AND
I am able to bring everything I need ...

In this bag!
(Nothing compared to packing for a week of plein air 

I'm taking the train down, so this works for me! 


  1. Your excitement is palpable! I'm so excited for you - NYC!!!! Karin!!!!! I'm going to try to call you today, but I want to wish you a WONDERful time! xoxo

    p.s.Nancy, my word verification today is: Shancy. Nancy Shancy!

  2. Thanks Kelley! I AM so excited! Are you kidding! A whole week in NYC! To photograph, and paint!!!! What's not to love about that!Will keep you posted.

  3. what a fabulously exciting gig! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  4. you have a lot of us painting vicariously with you this week!!!

    have fun!!
    jealous in dallas