Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Limited Stroke Exercise

Today I had the class do a limited stroke exercise 
which is a great way to force yourself to: 
a. see the big shapes 
b. use more paint 
c. put down a stroke and LEAVE it! 

by Sue Hoy
Here's how it works: 
Set up a simple still life (one or two objects) in bright light.
Do a drawing, outlining the big dark and light shapes. 
Carefully plan how many strokes you will need to cover the canvas, and write that number down. 
Load your brush up with plenty of the right color (the bigger the area, the bigger the brush) 
DO NOT pick up the brush until you have covered the planned area! 
After every stroke make a mark to keep count.  

Ok. So she went over by three strokes. No big deal.
(I gave each one of them a "mulligan" so it was really only over by two)  
She clearly got the idea and ended up with some nice juicy texture and a dramatic affect! 

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