Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exercise Results

Folks were asking, so I thought I'd share how the 
"Simplified Shadow Mass" exercise went today. 
(See yesterdays post) 

My demo.
I knew I would be in trouble with that orange background (see below) so last minute,
I decided to change it to a grey green.

Mary St. Sauveur massing in everything in the shadow in one color.
You can already feel the drama! 

Mary's second painting using the technique learned in the exercise!

We all had such fun!  This exercise is a wonderful tool for learning how to design a dramatic composition, compare and exaggerate the lights and darks, and in general, just have fun with paint! 
Everyone in the class did an incredible job and I wish I could post all of them. 
Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of all of them! 

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