Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Information gathering

I recently re-visited Peggi Kroll Robert's website and purchased her 5 lesson DVD set to get ideas for my classes. (That's where the Limited Stroke exercise I posted yesterday came from) They are wonderfully produced and offer a wealth of information in a very organized and efficient way. Peggi is an absolutely delightful instructor and I highly recommend them.

It occurred to me that when I took a workshop with her in Fredericksburg, Texas about 10 years ago, I didn't "get" a lot of the information she gave us. I just wasn't ready for it. Over the years though, as I've  worked at developing my own style, I began to understand and use many of the valuable tools she presented back then.
by Peggi Kroll Roberts
I guess that's how it works. You gather and absorb as much information as you can and eventually, at your own pace, it all comes together and your personal style begins to emerge.
That's why I love teaching.
For those wonderful "AH HA!" moments; when a student suddenly "gets it" and is one step closer to finding herself. 


  1. Oh, you're tricky - I looked at the image before reading and was all pumped to post a comment saying "NANCY! This is FABULOUS!"
    Well, of course it is!!! I love Peggy, too. Let us know how the DVD is! I agree that things you learn earlier can resonate as you become more accomplished. Fortunately, we never stop growing! It was great to see you last night!

  2. I am a PKR groupie too after buying her DVDs earlier this year. I certainly learned a lot from her, and hope that she produces a few more lessons.