Saturday, September 29, 2012

Confluence of Influence

8 x 8 

I think this is a "confluence of influence".
to name a few.
I'm "stealing" from my favorites!  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Beach Ride

I couldn't wait to try another
from the images I took of the Beach Riders.

Sunday Beach Ride 
16 x 20 

The composition is not as "edgy" as I'd like,
but I love painting this way. 
(Using a much bigger brush!) 

Check out what the Alzheimer patients did in class yesterday! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Staying Outside as Long as We Can

We are determined to keep our Tuesday gatherings
outside as long as we can.
Today Christine graciously allowed us to paint
at her amazing French Country home in Milton.
(See how cool she is here!)

quick study for studio painting
8 x 10 

There was a sweet statue of a boy reading at the entrance 
that caught my eye, 
surrounded by all that late summer bright green. 
With this study, my sketches, and photos, 
I am hoping to do a larger version. (Or not.)
I'm just so happy to have been there today!  
Thank you Christine! 

Meanwhile, as recommended by fellow painter Nancy Hartley
I downloaded and read this book yesterday 
on my Kindle. 

10 things nobody told you about being creative

Incredibly inspiring and practical.
A modern look at "new" truths about creativity.
Great great graphics....A MUST read for ANYONE who
 feels the urge to create something!
No kidding. Get this book!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beach Ride

Last Sunday a Riding Club 
of nine young girls rode by on the beach.

Beach Ride 
16 x 20 

I took dozens of pictures
amazed at all the graphic shapes and 
strong shadows created by the late summer light.

I've been looking at the work of the 
Especially Dana Hooper

This amazing painting of hers got me thinking about 
how to keep things loose when painting larger. 
Taking risks with color and
"letting the strokes do the talking."  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pattern Painting Exercise

Ever since I did that "pattern painting" this summer 
(after learning about if from a Peggi Kroll Roberts DVD)
I have wanted to try it as an exercise for my students.
The idea is to get them to think ONLY about design and composition
and to ignore any light and shadow pattern. 
It's just line and flat shapes arranged to make an
interesting "pattern".  

So for class yesterday, we set up this simple still life
(without a spot light)  

then did quick bold three value sketches first. 

This is key in planning what value to make the "local" color 
when filling in those shapes!

Only two of our gang were able to come yesterday, 
and they were good sports to try this out with me! 
Christine's simple big shapes look so Matisse- Van Gogh -like.
 I love it! 

This was a challenge for Paula 
as she likes to "blend" her strokes. 
She used lots of paint and got this great result! 

This is a totally different approach to painting than the one I teach,
and can be a real brain teaser! 
I think it is a valuable lesson though because 
 it forces you to THINK more ABSTRACTLY 
and for those of us who take things literally,  
that is a GOOD thing! 

Here are a few more I did from photos as experiments:


Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Pad Play

I've been playing with the Brushes App on my I Pad. 
It's an awesome tool! 

Cherry Popsicles
12 x 12 

I used the image below as my reference for this, after I 
"painted" it over a photo on the I Pad 
using a large "brush".
(My finger) 
I eliminated all of the distracting details
and worked in just the big shapes in the right value.  
You can decide what to include and what to leave out ahead of time.
The possibilities are endless 
(and you can do it anywhere.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beach Bocce

Beach Bocce
8 x 10 

Painting this made me realize that the value of the sand 
at that time of the day 
is MUCH darker than you would think! 
It took me a while to get there.

Thanks to a little Goo Gone (for the back of the jeep) 
and baby wipes (for Cello's paws) 
all is fine after our "accident" the other day.
The paintings however, are history, 
which is probably a good thing.  
My plein air skills are pretty rusty! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sight Selection

We talked about sight selection and composition 
today at our first plein air gathering this season.  
An appropriate topic as we were gathered at my friends' beautiful property 
featuring out buildings, grape arbors, bird houses, 
raised beds, fences, tractors; you name it. 
A lot to choose from, but with our view finders, value sketches, and I phones
as aids, we were all off and running. 

Sue honed in on just one of the raised beds 
and did this gem!  

I can't post my demo or the other two paintings I did, 
because we had a little accident on the way home. 

I won't mention any names, 
but her initials are:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Horribles Parade

A wonderful Labor Day tradition
at our small beach community is the  
"Horribles" Parade.
Families put together floats and kids get dressed up in costumes
and throw candy to the spectators. 
 There are antique cars, fire engines, and of course a local marching band. 
Who doesn't love a marching band?
I get choked up every time I hear one.  
Plymouth HS Marching Band
11 x 14 

I tried to highlight the strong horizontal and vertical darks
in this busy composition (for me).
 I'm not sure it works.  
I want to crop out the guys with the drums. 
They could be their own painting. 
May just try    

Friday, September 7, 2012

TCB Days

I'm finally Taking Care of Business.
Getting ready for my 
that start up again next week.

This is an informal gathering of three to five students. 
I present a challenge that we all work on together, 
learning from each other. 
It's very spontaneous and challenging
and I've missed it! 

I also updated my website! 
Added new paintings, news, and more!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Out of the Box

Our local North River Arts Society 
hosts an amazing event every late summer
Members are given an 8 x 8 piece of foam core 
to create something that is 
"out of their comfort zone or not something they would normally do."

 I did this I Pad painting using the Brushes App. 
It's inspired by a print by George Xiong,
"A Summers Rest " 

The closing party is this Saturday where folks will find out 
whose work they bid on! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

 The "unofficial end of summer."
There is an air of melancholy at the beach as 
folks scramble to squeeze in all their favorite summer activities.

Gotta Have an Igloo
8 x 10 

I Got One!
8 x 8  8 

Even though I haven't had to go "back to school" for years now,
 I still have the urge to get organized, start fresh 
and buy new clothes right around now. 

Have a wonderful
"End of Summer"

Be sure to check out the "Girls Just Wanna Paint"
posts this month.
The challenge was "Music" this month.