Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Staying Outside as Long as We Can

We are determined to keep our Tuesday gatherings
outside as long as we can.
Today Christine graciously allowed us to paint
at her amazing French Country home in Milton.
(See how cool she is here!)

quick study for studio painting
8 x 10 

There was a sweet statue of a boy reading at the entrance 
that caught my eye, 
surrounded by all that late summer bright green. 
With this study, my sketches, and photos, 
I am hoping to do a larger version. (Or not.)
I'm just so happy to have been there today!  
Thank you Christine! 

Meanwhile, as recommended by fellow painter Nancy Hartley
I downloaded and read this book yesterday 
on my Kindle. 

10 things nobody told you about being creative

Incredibly inspiring and practical.
A modern look at "new" truths about creativity.
Great great graphics....A MUST read for ANYONE who
 feels the urge to create something!
No kidding. Get this book!


  1. Nancy, beautiful painting, as always! I love your work!
    Thank you for including me in this post! You are so right, this book is so motivating, and so inspiring! Just what we all can use!

  2. I love the painting- do it big!
    and Nancys work is wonderful!
    I need the book.

  3. Lovely peek at the garden. I just downloaded the book to my iPad. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful painting! The greens are fabulous, and I wish I was there in that garden, reading alongside the statue. I LOVE your work Nancy!
    The book looks very interesting.