Sunday, September 9, 2012

Horribles Parade

A wonderful Labor Day tradition
at our small beach community is the  
"Horribles" Parade.
Families put together floats and kids get dressed up in costumes
and throw candy to the spectators. 
 There are antique cars, fire engines, and of course a local marching band. 
Who doesn't love a marching band?
I get choked up every time I hear one.  
Plymouth HS Marching Band
11 x 14 

I tried to highlight the strong horizontal and vertical darks
in this busy composition (for me).
 I'm not sure it works.  
I want to crop out the guys with the drums. 
They could be their own painting. 
May just try    


  1. Hey, I like the drummers the best. Something cool about the guys in the back row a-bangin' on the drum all day, mon. I vote for giving them their own show!

  2. I like that you took a scene from the parade that was most likely not the most exciting moment but you made an exciting painting with your composition and application of color particularly in light and shadow. Great painting.

  3. I like how you put the paint on as areas rather than drawing the figures.

  4. Very interesting painting..what a just keep going for them..really like this..drums are good..don't touch anything