Friday, May 13, 2011

Work Shop Warm -Up

In preparation for Karin Jurick's workshop in NYC at the end of this month,
I experimented with some new materials today. 
This is going to be a big stretch for me, 
as I'll be using a totally different approach to painting. 
For starters:  
 -I use raymar linen covered boards toned in a middle grey 
She uses gessoboards, toned in black. 
-I use large hog hair flats with long handles.
She uses small soft, flat brushes with short handles. 
-I use a very limited palette.
She uses over 60 colors on a 16” pizza pan! 
-I stand up at an easel when I paint.
She sits and uses a table easel. 

So before I attempt to paint like that for a week, 
I thought I'd try out a few new things at time.

I added a few new colors and used small synthetic flats 

I used a gesso board, but I stuck with the medium grey tone

I found it hard not to get too fussy with those small brushes.
And the gesso board has no tooth so I was sliding all over the place! 
I can't wait! 
I feel so blessed to be able to experience this! 
Going to try a black tone and lots of new colors next! 
I figure, a workshop is only as good as what you allow yourself 
to do differently. 


  1. Just have fun. It's so beneficial to attempt something new. A chance to see another point of view is such an eye-opener.

  2. Karin definitely has a different approach, but you will have a BLAST! Have fun!

  3. Give the Gessobord a chance. I use it exclusively now for my small peices, and find that I only want smooth wood for my larger pieces! The sliding stops when you learn how much and what way to apply the paint. I like it better now. I love this painting you did - it's WAY not too fussy - it gives just the right amount of information!

    From what I hear - you'll really enjoy yourself at KJ's. Open yourself wide and be a sponge!

  4. Exactly the attitude I have when going to a workshop! I use it as a time to try new things and see what part of what the artist does that might work its way into my way of painting. Plus, just have fun too!