Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black vs. Middle Grey Toned Boards

Today I spray painted a bunch of gesso boards with 
flat back rustoleum protective enamel for the workshop.

I sprayed a few raymar panels as well, 
to experiment with. 

Brisk Beach Walk 
10 x 10 
I found it challenging to judge my values using a black tone, 
but love the affect you can get with it. 
This is going to be fun. 


  1. Oddly enough that's my project for my class this week - painting on a black canvas! I like the effect - Sally Dean does this sometimes, too. Fun subject, but then again, I think you are the Queen of fun subjects!

  2. Another winner! Love the composition.
    Lucky you taking a workshop with karin.....thanks for sharing your preparations for the workshop.

  3. The light of painting comes from behind painting layers.Dark gesso may break down the light of the colour.(I may say.'' kills'')Dark grond may be practiced carefully, partly behind the colours.
    Canvasses painted with dark gesso coat may be the reason of somber mood paintings as a result.
    Salutes and kind regards
    Orhan Kurt