Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Squeezed In Quick Study

After a workshop, all I want to do is play with my new tools. 
The long weekend and life in general has thwarted my efforts. 
I managed to squeeze in this half hour study early today.  

From a photo I took this weekend! 
Psyched to see the Nancy/Peggi/Karin 
person emerge!

Note: My trusty 5 year old Canon Elph has officially died,  
so I'm using my I Phone to post. 
It's time to upgrade.  



  1. I love, love this one! It makes me want to take Karin's class! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

  2. Very very nice Nancy. Don't suffer too much angst about following an instructor's style; our own personality always emerges somewhere down the line!

  3. Love this Nancy....half hour studies work for you, for sure!!

  4. Hi - couldn't wait to check you out 'post-workshop' - this is all you with a little something extra -very nice!

  5. Hey Nancy - just poured myself a nice fat glass of vino and checked out your blog finally... great stuff, girl! love your loose style - keep up all the great work and stay in touch. I'm posting your blog on mine now...
    cheers! -patti

  6. I love red This painting is so fresh and light. Love it. Glad I found your blog