Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Season Coming to an End!

I'm starting to see an end to this busy season. 
Time to kick back and just paint for the fun of it. 
"Dead Heading" 
8 x 10 

I did this today from an image I took with my new 30 x zoom camera! 
It's my neighbor at the beach. 

I couldn't wait to try out the new table easel that I got from Karin Jurick.
Her partner Brett makes them.
I love how sturdy it is and adjustable too!  
I have it set up on a counter height table so I can still stand up and paint. 
And yes, I am still using the pizza pan pallett and all those new colors from the workshop.


  1. The light in this is super. Good stuff!

  2. You did a great job in capturing the light! Really fantastic!

    I have the table easel, too, and love it!

  3. So impressed! I love this painting! Just beautiful!
    On another subject, must ask you, what kind of new camera did you buy? I'm in the market for a new one, and would love to hear some suggestions.

  4. Nice light in this painting set off by the grays.

  5. Love the light in this...nicely done!

  6. Great painting, you can feel that light......also nice to see the setup and to know that you are enjoying all of Karen's colors.

  7. Good action in this and the neutral background makes the light glow - I want one of those easels, I think!