Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plein Air Mondays!

Plein Air Thursdays have now turned into Plein Air Mondays.
(Some how, Thursdays just weren't working for us)
We finally had our first gathering last night!   
Five of us met at my friend's beautiful property in North Scituate at 4:30. 
The lesson, at that time of day, is to capture the big dramatic shapes 
as the light rapidly changes.
We worked fast and small.

My Demos:
(all were done from the same spot.
 I just turned my easel and painted whatever was there)
Facing South 4:30 pm
6 x 6   
Facing North 5:30 pm
6 x 6 
Facing West (in to the sun) 6:00 pm
6 x 6 
Facing South Again 6:30 pm
5 x 7 

The work everyone did amazed me!  
We will be meeting from 4 - 7 pm on Mondays, 
so if you are interested in joining us, email me! 
$35 per session, pay as you go. 


  1. you have really captured the energy of plein air...lovely pieces

  2. Lovely paintings, great shadows! Nancy, I think that you have picked the the perfect time to paint, 4 to 7 is ideal! Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. This has really lighted a fuse under me to get out there and paint!!

  4. Good idea, just turning your easel/staying in one spot - and 4-7 is really working for lighting -