Monday, June 27, 2011

Plein Air Monday

It was a picture perfect day.
Only two of us ended up at the entrance to Rocky Reach in N. Marshfield.
Around 4:30. Facing West.
8 x 8 

I climbed over the stone wall to do this. 
The field was brilliant.
5:15 pm. Still facing West.
5 x 7 
Turned around to catch the light on these trees. 
5:45 pm.
6 x 6 
I love these pastels below, done by Sue Hall! 
It is SO fun for me to be out there with 
someone working in a different medium! 

As usual, just as we were packing up to leave 
(the bugs were becoming vicious) 
the area was lit up like a 
Broadway play! 



  1. What a great day! Love that you included the photos of the locations. Great dappled light on the path.

  2. Love the both the paintings, and the photos!
    Looks like you had a very productive day!

  3. Think I like your subject matter? Wow..Nice job gals

  4. What a productive afternoon. Love all these.