Friday, June 3, 2011

Back to Basics

Today I went back to using my middle grey toned Raymar linen panel. 
 I did my "map" in charcoal and used a big bristle brush.
(instead of black tone on gesso board and synthetic brushes)  
 I had all those awesome new colors,
so I used Karin's palette.  
(same couple from the other day, different view)  
10 x 12 

It felt good to use familiar tools
but I'll admit, 
I ended up grabbing those new synthetic brushes in the end.
They are a lot of fun.  
Who knew? 


  1. Wonderful painting. I was lucky enough to do Karin's workshop last November at HHI. She is amazing. I think we are supposed to take what works for us and incorporate that into our own style- good for you!

  2. Nancy, may I ask which "new synthetic brushes" you "grabbed" ?

  3. The ones Karin Jurick uses. Cheap short handled flats from Michaels. American artist. They have pink/purplish handles. They are real soft and pliable, especially if you use linseed oil medium!