Friday, November 15, 2013

Push and Pull

 I watched a YouTube video about 
Hans Hoffman the other day. 
He talks about the "push and pull" of 

That inspired me to paint this using a pattern of 
made- up colors, but keeping them in the correct value.  
I tried to "push and pull" the  
 warm and cool, dark and light. 

Late Light
10 x 10 

This was a real stretch for me! 
I'm working on being less literal in my paintings
and this is a great way to push myself. 
A great exercise for a class.   

Here it is on "levels" setting 
(three values) 
on the Value Viewer app. 

If it works in three values,
chances are it will be a good painting. 
"Value does all the work,
color gets all the credit."

Hell yeah! 

(The image) 


  1. I always get excited whenever I see you have a new post. Excellent examples of basic painting lessons that help you become a better painter. Thank you.

  2. Nancy - I really like this one. And I'm thrilled with all the saturated color!