Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Drive By Shooting" painting lesson

I had the delightful opportunity to give a 27 year old woman 
a private painting lesson last week. 
She is a full time nurse who has a never painted before. 

Her Work in Progress

 I gave her what I call my "drive by shooting" painting lesson. 
(Everything I know about painting in one three hour session!) 

"Yellow Pepper"
8 x 10 
by Sarah

She clearly "got it"and we had so much fun, 
she's coming back for more!  


  1. Way awesome!!
    I need a drive by tutorial!! Please say YES ;)

  2. What a fabulous idea and great painting! Have you thought of taping one of your sessions including student comments and questions? I'd be very interested in seeing you teach and work. (especially since you are 1/2 way across the country from me!) :)

  3. Wow! Nancy what a great teacher you are! This is fantastic! Amazing that she has never painted before, this looks so non beginner, beautiful result!

  4. Love this- drive by painting! Way to get her excited and interested with success and now an art fanatic like the rest of us. These are wonderful!! Go Nancy!

  5. wow! i think i need to come to you for a painting lesson!