Saturday, November 5, 2011

I've moved "inland" (away from the beach) 
and am now happily surrounded by 
my other favorite subject:
quintessential rural New England.

"A Cape" 
24 x 30

This one has been in my head for weeks, 
so today I finally just did it. 
If this were smaller, I'd leave it alone.
But I will go in and tweak this a bit. 
 Eeesh. That is where trouble can start! 
I like the overall feel of this, 
so I don't want to over work it! 


  1. I know about overworking Nancy. Used to do that all the time! Taught myself to just let it be after ruining quite a few pieces. This one of yours turned out lovely. Not overworked at all and really great lighting. I invite you to stop by my blog some time and check out my hopefully "underworked" paintings.

  2. LOVE the shadow! I hate going back in and tweaking too sometimes but sometimes you just can't help it! I love it the way it is but I know you can see things that you want to fix just like we all do. Just go easy - it is a nice painting!

  3. Love what your doing with these pieces!! I don't know about tweaking...looks good from here!

  4. Nice one, Nancy! You sure are doing some great stuff lately ( as always).
    Love the blue door.

  5. Nancy, I love these recent architectural paintings, So strong,and such dramatic lights and darks!