Thursday, August 23, 2012


 Music Provided by Nature
6 x 6 

The GJWP challenge this month is MUSIC.
This is the first idea I had and couldn't wait to attempt it.
(Waves, like clouds, keep changing!)  
To me, the constant sound of waves breaking 
is a bit of Nature providing some background music.   
All we have to do is listen! 

Note: My show came down today at the Copley Society. 
Thank you every one who came to the show 
and especially for leaving a comment in the book! 


  1. This passes the thumbnail test with flying colors... the little guys tell a lot. Actually, I think this would look good at any size.

    Pretty palette!

  2. That wave is really good. Very hard to paint.

  3. oh yes! I love this and can hear the music and smell the sea!

  4. Beautifully done and congrats on the show! You are rockin'!

  5. I love the music of the waves, nice choice :)