Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Pad sketches

Using the BRUSHES app on my I Pad to do a quick sketch 
helps me solve some problems for larger oil paintings! 

They take just minutes and are such fun! 
I added the fishing pole, then decided to take it out 
in the oil painting.  

Orange Shirt 
11 x 14 


  1. Nice job! I'm signing up for a Brushes app, too. Do you use a stylus?
    Seeing you beat out these iPad sketches has *underlined* MADE me have to co-opt ours for studio use. I realized a bigger screen than my iPhone's might be useful. Duh. But no matter how often iCloud is offered, I ain't bitin'!

  2. FUN! Unlike, SamArtDog, I am going to knuckle in and go for the iCloud - I find I have images on my iPad, iPod, laptop and my husband's computer - NEVER where I want them!

  3. Well, I must say - it's nice to have all those images everywhere but it's also a bit overwhelming. I take way too many images a day!

  4. I like the way you grayed the sky and sand colors in the oil.

  5. Amen to the plethora of images. I have thousands and it paralyzes me when I look through them for painting ideas. We're just visual animals is all.
    Very interesting iPad drawing and a fine translation to paint.