Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some Plein Air Fun and Other News

Last week my friend Joan Brancale and I decided to 
try a little plein air painting down on the Cape. 
In spite of searing temps, high humidity, and a little poison ivy,
we settled down on a little inlet near Cataumet. 
I chose the dock with the hope of a breeze of some kind.
Joan happily stayed on the shore.
Our paintings didn't amount to much, 
but we sure had fun going out to lunch afterward and 
talking about them!  

Tonight is the opening of the OTB Show 
at the North River Arts Society! 
Artists are given an 8 x 8 panel to create something 
that is so totally different from their style 
so that no one will know who did what. 
They are on silent auction for a few weeks when the 
"creators" will be revealed. 
Stop in if you get a chance! 

My show 
at the Copley Society in Boston 
is still showing until August 22. 
If you get a chance to stop in before then, 
please do!  

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