Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Break

I had two"wipers" in a row and that, to me, 
is a signal that a break is due.
 I just spent two days in the hammock
reading the most amazing book! 

Gone Girl 
by Gillian Flynn 

Simply fantastic! 
I couldn't put it down! 
Read the reviews here.

Another Note: 
While I was riding my bike at the beach the other day,
 I saw a Mom letting her small son 
"drive" the car on her lap.
They were going about 3 miles an hour and having so much fun! 
That is a summer memory he will never forget, to be sure. 


  1. Only TWO wipers? I can do that in an average day! :D
    I will check this book out, you are usually a good gauge as far as great books go! And I remember being 4 years old, waiting for my Mom to get out of work, and my Dad doing the exact same thing - exaggerating my prowess as a driver - on a no-traffic road... nice memories!

  2. I need to mention that this Mom was on a private beach road (while every one else was on the beach.!) This was NOT a dangerous situation, by any means. I wish 'd been able to capture it. Priceless!