Friday, April 5, 2013

Acrylics / Oils

I am often asked if my 
works with acrylics as well as oils. 
I decided I'd better try it and find out! 

Beach Patrol
8 x 8 acrylic 

This was so fun because it was so different! 
I love how acrylics dry so fast, and you can fix things. 
Although it makes it tempting to blend
so it's harder to leave brush strokes alone.
I loved doing this today.  

I set up same way I do for oils,
using the same pallet and a gallery wrapped, grey toned canvas. 
I chose a favorite image of a house that I have painted 
many times before in oils.

I was so into it (and worried about the paint drying)
 that I forgot to take progress images,
and it was fun!  

After I painted the one in acrylic, 
I found this (dark) image of an oil I did 
February 4, 2006! 

I guess the approach works with both. 
 I can't wait to explore this further!   

Note: I'm teaching another 
beginning April 23.


  1. It is difficult to rate one over another . Each has its own wonderfullness.

  2. Good to see both media side by side. I'm surprised to see your acrylic looking so loose and lively. Hmmm... seven years becomes you. Here's to getting looser and livelier!

  3. I like both! Interesting to see the changes you made in the acrylic. Each has its own unique look.

  4. LOVE your colors and looseness..acrylics are a blast NO?

  5. I love your painting! It looks like it was done right on the beach. Do you do Plein air or do you mainly paint from photos?

  6. I appreciate your comments about the acrylic process, it always stresses me about drying too fast. This looks loose and summery, you know your subject and it shows!!