Monday, April 29, 2013

Fresh Paint Event

We had a great day painting in Boston yesterday 
for 25th Annual Fresh Paint event. 

Laboratory conditions for plein air painting! 

Our pal Page Railsback joined us!

Joan framing our work in the parking garage! 

My wet painting! 


and Joanne's

Be sure to stop by the Copley Society this week to see 
(and bid on) 
the over 75 wet paintings! 
It was a great day of painting, friendship and 
such joy to be in our beautiful city!  


  1. What fun! And Oh, the beautiful sunshine. Great shadows, I'll bet.

  2. Your plein air rendition (take two?) looks great! I am sorry I missed this, I was going to go in to see you paint, but thought it was on a different day - it would have been a treat to see all of you painting together in person!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! they are all winners, and will sell quickly I predict!

  4. the paintings are really great! Did our Joanie get a new car??

  5. So glad you shared this, it looks like lots of fun with great results.